Active Searches

Helbling is currently conducting searches for the following roles. Please understand that we do not post highly confidential or extremely senior-level searches to protect our client’s best interests. If you would like to be considered for an opportunity, please submit your resume via the Submit Resume button on the position’s profile page. If there are no active searches of interest to you, but you would like to be entered into our proprietary system for future potential opportunities, please submit your resume via our resume submission form.

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Title Sector Location Recruiters
Architect Higher Education Maryland - Baltimore
Assistant Director of Design & Construction Higher Education Rhode Island - Providence
Assistant Vice President Facilities Operations Higher Education Ohio - Columbus
Assistant Vice President for Facilities Operations Higher Education Rhode Island - Smithfield
Assistant Vice President for Planning, Design & Construction / Director of Construction Higher Education New York - Stony Brook
Assistant Vice President, Manhattanville Operations Higher Education New York - New York City

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