About Us

Established in 1992. Still growing strong.

Helbling was founded by industry veteran Tom Helbling on the value of his strong relationships with construction contractors and real estate developers. Our network expanded as our clients began referring us to their colleagues outside of those sectors. Today, we serve architecture, engineering, construction, and real estate development firms, as well as entities that have significant real estate assets and facilities management needs.  

What drives us:

  • Our business values long-term relationships, and our culture focuses on serving clients’ long-term interests. 
  • We engage with clients from the initial conversation to understand their organizations and collaborate on each step of the search process. Our curiosity and genuine interest in their goals, mission, and vision exceed the typical involvement of a search firm.
  • We thrive on challenging assignments. Our extensive network connections and industry knowledge allow us to identify and attract top talent who may not be accessible to other search consultants or firms.
  • Our strong team of search consultants market a client’s organization and opportunity to people who may not have considered a career move.
  • Our open and candid communication with clients is based on an inherent desire to find the right person for each client’s opportunity. We often present possibilities beyond what they initially anticipate.
  • We value candidates of diverse backgrounds and experiences. Not only does this bring a broader perspective and richer tapestry to a team but studies have shown that diverse workforces can have a performance advantage, resulting in increased productivity.

National Reach and Success

Shaded states indicate locations with placements by Helbling search consultants.

Our Executive Search Process

Helbling has a four-phase executive search process by which we develop customized strategies to meet the specific talent needs of our clients.

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