The ladder doesn't always look like a ladder.

Advancement doesn’t always come the way you’d expect. You may be deeply engaged in your current position and not actively considering a career move. At the same time, you may be curious about opportunities in related fields that may offer a better chance for growth, fulfillment, and new challenges. When one of our consultants approaches you to discuss a new opportunity, here’s why we think you should listen. 

Expect to broaden your horizons.

A conversation with Helbling may broaden your horizons. As a specialty firm, we have exclusively represented clients in facilities management, architecture, engineering, and construction, and real estate development for nearly three decades. We have a deep understanding of leadership needs in these fields and experience at identifying opportunities that don’t always fit the standard career ladder.

Just as we do with a client, we take time to get to know you, learning about your background, experiences, and technical and intangible skills. Expect a higher degree of honesty and transparency than you may have experienced with other search firms. If your abilities and interests align with an active search, we’ll take the relationship to the next step: walking you through the process and preparing you for the interview. 

What we want to know about you

  • Short- and long-term career goals 
  • Motivations for considering another career opportunity 
  • Challenges and opportunities sought in a new role 
  • Characteristics of your current employer and role
  • Technical, intangible, and personal strengths 
  • Preferred work environment 
  • Preferred corporate culture 
  • Personal factors such as ability to travel or relocate, spouse’s career, and children 

What you will learn about the position

  • Responsibilities and challenges, and how they may compare to your current role 
  • Organizational structure of our client 
  • Skills that lead to success in the position 
  • Short- and long-term expectations of the role 
  • Strengths and dynamics of our client’s team 
  • Values and principles of our client’s organization and their similarity to your own  
  • Strategies and short- and long-term objectives of our client’s organization and the role the position plays 
  • How the role may use and expand your skills and expertise, and support your current and long-term career goals 
  • Common personal and professional traits among our client’s team, and their similarity to your own 

The focus is on your future.

Our goal is to discover and ensure a strong match between the right candidate and our client, leading to a relationship in which they both thrive and grow. Realistically, that’s not always going to mean that you’ll be selected. Count on us to follow up with you, provide feedback that’s valuable and honest, and keep you in mind for future opportunities, including searches that are not actively published on our website. 

Invest in your career

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