As a boutique firm focusing within the inter-related sectors of architecture, engineering, and constructionfacilities management; and real estate development, Helbling is different from traditional recruitment firms. Having exclusively represented these markets for more than two decades, we understand their trends, challenges, opportunities, and human capital needs. With this understanding comes the intellect and experience necessary to aptly discuss career opportunities with candidates.  

Most of Helbling’s candidates are deeply entrenched in their organizations when they are approached by one of our consultants to discuss the possibility of exploring a new opportunity. While they are not actively seeking career changes, they are often willing to consider opportunities that offer growth and can satisfy their personal goals, ambitions, and family considerations. They are attracted to roles that provide new and different challenges that their current organizations may not be able to provide.

The benefits of our consultative and collaborative approach

We spend a significant amount of time learning about our client organizations prior to beginning any recruitment process so that we understand their objectives in hiring a professional with specific qualifications, experiences, and intangible qualities. Therefore, we know our client organizations and the type of professional they are seeking prior to having communication with candidates.  

We extend the same approach to our candidates, learning about their backgrounds and experiences, technical skills, and intangible skills.  

The most important elements you can expect from working with Helbling are our candidness and transparency. After you have been qualified as a potential candidate for a particular search, and we have determined your genuine interest in our client and the prospective role, we will dedicate a significant amount of time to get to know you and discuss our client’s organization and role.

We will strive to understand your:

  • Short and long-term career goals
  • Motivations for considering another career opportunity
  • Challenges and opportunities sought in a new role
  • Positive and negative characteristics of your current employer and role
  • Technical, intangible, and personal strengths
  • Preferred work environment
  • Preferred corporate culture
  • Personal issues such as ability to travel or relocate; spouse’s career; and children

We will also discuss with you: 

  • Responsibilities and challenges of our client’s position and how they may compare to your current role
  • Organizational structure of our client
  • Skills that lead to success in the position
  • Short- and long-term expectations of the role
  • Strengths and challenges of our client's team
  • Values and principles of our client's organization and their similarity to your own 
  • Strategies and short- and long-term objectives of our client’s organization and the role the position plays
  • How the role may utilize and expand your skills and expertise, and support your current and long-term career aspirations
  • Common personal and professional traits among our client’s team, and their similarity to your own

Openly discussing all of these topics will ensure there is a strong match between you and our client organization. After all, a successful search entails securing a professional who will thrive within our client’s structure and culture, enhancing the organization, as well as the individual’s own career.

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