Employer FAQs

What types of roles does Helbling recruit for?

We conduct executive searches for roles in middle/senior management and C-suite of various functions within our focus disciplines of facilities management; architecture, engineering, and construction; and real estate development. Our clients include colleges and universities, healthcare systems, cultural institutions, public agencies, construction contractors and managers, architecture and engineering firms, real estate developers, and corporations, as well as other types of organizations such as private equity firms and their portfolio companies.


Whom do I contact about a potential search?

Please refer to our Contact page to who to contact about your hiring need or other inquiry. You may also call our office at (724) 935-7500, and we will direct you to the appropriate person.


Does Helbling focus on a specific geographic region?

We conduct searches throughout the United States and in select international locations.


What is Helbling’s fee?

Our fee is one-third of a candidate’s first-year compensation package.

What services are included in the firm's professional fee?

Helbling has a four-phase executive search process that provides a framework from which we develop diverse and customized strategies to successfully assist our client organizations with their specific talent needs. Please view the chart on this page to see what services by phase our firm provides.

As a client, what is expected of me and my organization during the search process?

We recommend the following article to understand a hiring organization’s role in the search process: Partnering with a Search Firm

What is Helbling's approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion? 

Helbling values diversity and believes that an inclusive workforce adds to the strength of an organization. We are committed to proactively sourcing a pool of highly qualified candidates who are diverse in many ways and can bring a variety of perspectives to our client. Read more about our commitment and practices.


How does retained executive search differ from contingency executive search?

Please read the following article in which Helbling search consultants have outlined the differences. This includes approach, method, and advantages to help you evaluate which is best for your hiring organization.


When is best to engage an executive search firm?

There are many reasons to engage a search firm. We recommend the following article, which provides data on the most common hiring needs, feedback from clients who worked with Helbling, and suggested questions for those looking for the right firm.


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