Candidate FAQs

What types of roles does Helbling recruit for?

We conduct executive searches for middle- and upper-level management roles of various functions within our focus disciplines of facilities management; architecture, engineering, and construction, and real estate development


Does Helbling work on behalf of professionals seeking new career opportunities?

As a retained executive search firm, Helbling only represents hiring organizations. If we have your resume and understand your capabilities, we will identify you through our search process should a role match your qualifications.


Do I have to pay for Helbling’s services?

No, our clients are responsible for compensating us for executive search services provided.


How will I benefit from working with Helbling?

Helbling’s recruitment process offers candidates the following advantages:

  • Exploration of undisclosed opportunities that can fulfill career and personal objectives
  • All of our searches are exclusive assignments, and many are confidential
  • Impartial comparison of growth potential between current employer and our client’s organization
  • Candid information about our client, its role and its goals once we have determined a mutual interest between you and our client
  • Guidelines and tips for the interview process
  • Client feedback following interviews
  • Objective consulting during compensation negotiations
  • Support to facilitate a smooth transition and integration into our client organization
  • Assistance with relocation issues and concerns
  • Assistance through the transition into your new role, and frequent communication to ensure that our client’s and your expectations continue to be met

Why wasn’t the name of Helbling's client disclosed on the initial call with a consultant?

All of our seaches are exclusive, and many are confidential. Therefore, we must maintain our client's privacy until we determine that a candidate is qualified and genuinely interested. We extend the same confidentiality to our candidates. We do not divulge their names or their information to client organizations until we have received approval to do so.


Why can’t Helbling’s consultant tell me the compensation range of the prospective role?

There can be many reasons for this, and they range from a client's preference to state and regional regulations surrounding compensation discussions with job candidates. When the time is appropriate to discuss compensation within legal parameters, our consultants are highly knowledgeable of industry-specific salary ranges, pay structures, and benefits.  


What are Helbling’s confidentiality policies? Will my current employer discover that I am looking at other opportunities?

Helbling understands the confidential nature of exploring new career opportunities and therefore holds a candidate’s information with the utmost privacy. We will not discuss you or your interest in pursuing other opportunities with any clients/hiring organization without first obtaining your consent and determining your interest.

I am interested in submitting my information for a current active search. Should I contact a consultant directly?

Please begin by reviewing our active searches. If you are interested in a particular position, respond through that job posting. If you are not interested in any active searches but would like to submit your information for future searches, you may do so through our resume submission form. Your information will be added to our internal proprietary system, which is only accessible to our consultants and is not shared with anyone outside of our firm.


Do I need to prepare a resume?  

Having a resume prepared is helpful and expedites the search process. Along with standard employment and educational history, we encourage you to prepare a resume that includes quantifiable, specific accomplishments that illustrate your success and potential. By doing so, we can understand the depth of your experience and obtain a thorough understanding of your talents and abilities. Including your career motivations can help us understand your objectives in seeking a new opportunity. 


Will my resume be shared with outside organizations without my knowledge?

No, we do not share a candidate’s information with any other party until we have received permission from the candidate to do so.  


I have been contacted by one of Helbling’s consultants, and it has been communicated that I am a viable candidate for a search. What can I expect now?

Our consultant will schedule an initial phone interview with you, during which you can expect to cover many aspects of your professional career so that he/she can learn about your skills, capabilities, experiences, and career motivations. Our search consultant will discuss in detail our client’s organization, growth initiatives, corporate culture, and specifics about the role. At our client’s request, we may perform a face-to-face interview before scheduling a meeting between you and the client.

Shortly after interviewing with our client, we will gather your initial feedback and determine your interest level, what you find attractive about the position and organization, and any concerns you may have. We will also talk with our client about their thoughts and share their feedback with you. Helbling prides itself in providing transparency to clients and candidates throughout a search.

As the search progresses, Helbling will communicate any developments regarding the search. If you are selected by our client for the role, we will be involved in compensation negotiations, and we will act as a liaison until a final offer is made and employment begins. 


Should I send a thank you note to Helbling’s client after an interview?

Yes, we encourage our candidates to send post-interview thank you emails and/or handwritten notes.


What happens to my information if I am not the selected candidate for a search?

We maintain a detailed and proprietary system that saves all information gathered should your credentials and career goals match a future search assignment.

How does retained executive search differ from contingency executive search?

In retained search, a hiring organization exclusively engages a search firm to identify, attract, and secure a professional with a specific background for a position within their organization. A retained search is typically performed on a consultative basis. A competitive analysis is performed, and the structure and environment of the client company are discussed and understood prior to initiating the search. A customized strategy is then developed that takes into consideration the client’s current needs as well as long-term goals. At the same time, candidates are comprehensively evaluated on their skills, expertise, career objectives, character traits, and family dynamics to ensure that all of these complement our client’s role and corporate culture, which promotes the long-term success of the professional with our client.

In contingency search, a company pays a fee to the search firm only if an individual is placed. Because there is no formal engagement between the search firm and the company, there is no shared commitment and focus, and the process is considered transactional.


What questions should I ask a search consultant to ensure they are with a reputable firm? 

Just as we advise hiring organizations to perform due diligence prior to partnering with an executive search firm, we also recommend the same for professionals. To learn about a particular search firm and its consultant who contacted you, we suggest you address the questions that are outlined in Vetting Executive Search Firms and Questions to Ask.

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