We don't just find talent; we find opportunities.

Succession planning, talent pipelining, building leadership teams, executing initiatives, and reaching goals – these are all reasons our clients rely on us. Acting as an extension of your organization, we embrace your goals and strategies, finding new leaders who will help you grow. Few other firms in our business have the industry understanding, passion for performance, collaborative culture, and professional integrity to deliver on this promise, time and time again. 

It takes real people to find real people.

Traditional methods are not going to result in recruiting professionals who are extremely talented, already happy in their jobs, and well taken care of by their employers. These people are harder to find, and it’s not easy to get them to listen to you, much less get them to the table. Finding and recruiting them takes the kind of insight, curiosity, and competitiveness that can only happen when a team of experienced, empowered people share your goals.   

When the search is complete, the relationship is just beginning.

With a specialty in challenging positions and creative search strategies, we’ve learned that success comes from a long-term rather than transactional view. As a retained search firm, we’re able to bring all of our energy to the task of finding the right candidate for each position, and we look to the long term for mutual success. 

Straight talk is the only talk we've got.

At the level you’re hiring, you will be putting significant resources in the hands of a candidate who will, even with all the interviewing and backgrounding, be at first a stranger. And, your candidate will be committing a significant portion of their career, and life, to your organization. Our experience tells us that the only way to make sure everyone involved makes the right decision is to be candid with our advice, sharing our insight and concerns  and we expect the same from you.  

We're only as good as our last search.

At Helbling, subscribing to integrity is a given. We walk the walk more than most - not just because we want to, but because we have to. Our searches are so complex, our client communities are so closely knit, and our relationships are so transparent that integrity is our most important asset. It is what builds the lasting relationships that deliver the most value for you.  

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Helbling performs diverse and complex assignments within our focus disciplines. Explore our executive search case studies to learn the objectives and challenges of our client organizations, search strategies executed to address their needs, and the results achieved from working in collaboration. 

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