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5 Steps to Shared Leadership Success

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Sixty-six percent of engineering and construction companies are owned by baby boomers. With few clear options for ownership transfer, some firms are transferring leadership responsibilities to a group of people, rather than a shared individual. Here's how they're doing it. Read more

Management Style is the Crux to Design & Construction Team Success

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by Katie E. Rodgers
In the construction and development world, many factors can impact the type of manager who will most effectively lead a design and construction team, such as: new techniques and technologies, short- and long-term initiatives and goals, department transitions and restructuring, and internal culture. Read more

FMI: 5 Reasons Why Large Contractors Fail

FMI has found that the five primary reasons why construction contractors fail aren't based on external factors, but rather on internal issues that aren't addressed effectively. A lesson for leadership of any construction firm. Read more

Why Many Construction Companies Have No Succession Plans

Succession planning
by Sami Barry
Last year, FMI's Ownership Transfer and Management Succession Survey revealed an unsettling truth about the construction industry: more than half of the owners surveyed did not have formal succession plans in place. Read more

Thinking Outside the Box in A|E|C Recruitment

by Sami Barry
As the A|E|C industry progresses, the demand for talented executives increases. As a result, firms are turning to unconventional candidates who can provide immediate value and impact. Read more

Top 5 Things Great Leaders Are Intuitive About

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by Sami Barry
John C. Maxwell's Law of Intuition and the top 5 things great leaders are intuitive about. Read more

Emotional Intelligence - Why Your Next Leader Should Have It

Emotional Intelligence
by Sami Barry
Emotional Intelligence impacts a person's ability to be an effective leader. Post-recession, it is now, more than ever, a desirable and necessary trait. Read more

Advancing Role of a Healthcare Facilities Leader

Changing business environment
by Sami Barry
How healthcare facilities leaders can excel in their roles and become key players in overall strategies, capital programs, and other major decisions. Read more

Successfully Onboarding A New Executive

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by Sami Barry
Onboarding is an important strategy for transitioning new executives. What you can do to improve the process. Read more