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Celebrating Work Wins

Celebrating Work Wins
Media outlets are infused with negative workplace headlines about return-to-work disagreements, quiet quitting, quiet firing, job burnout, and mass layoffs. At this time, for employee morale as well as the health of an organization, it is important to focus on something positive. We need something to celebrate, and work wins are a good place to start.
Here are six ways to get the party going amid challenging times:
1. Provide a platform
Do employees have a way to share good news? Maybe there is already an internal newsletter or message board but if not, consider creating one. Or better yet, carve out time in a regularly scheduled meeting for people to talk about the week’s peak moments.
2. Encourage peer recognition
Recognition from senior leadership is valuable but sometimes vague. Peer recognition from someone who has been working closely with an individual, understands the effort involved in an achievement, and can cite the details is often appreciated in a different way. What’s more is that it establishes a bond among colleagues.
3. Set a group goal with a group reward
Individuals can become isolated at work, depending on function or title. Think of something that everyone can collectively work towards. A goal could be big and predictable, such as exceeding an annual sales volume or it could be small and surprising, such as securing a client in a new geography or receiving a certain number of positive reviews. Whatever the goal is, ensure it ties to a strategic vision for the organization, and do something fun to reward the entire team when it is achieved.
4. Praise publicly
Writing about individual accomplishments or those of the organization via a newsletter, press release, or LinkedIn post, can instantly elevate the success by deeming it “newsworthy” and of interest to external audiences. It is, however, a good practice to secure permission from an individual before naming them publicly in case someone prefers to remain private or the news is confidential. 
5. Turn challenges into opportunities
When an employee is facing a challenge, either internally or with a client or vendor, allow that person to share the situation and seek advice from other team members. Knowing they have support can make a difference in how they approach a difficult situation and having more people invested in a challenge can help unify the group—especially when there is a positive outcome.
6. Throw a literal party
Whether a happy hour, catered lunch, or dinner out, plan an event to celebrate what has been going well at work. Schedule it weeks in advance so as many people as possible are able to attend and have something to look forward to. Highlight specific company wins or just utilize the time together to reconnect and remind everyone what a great team you have in place.

Has your organization implemented any of these ideas or do you have other ways that you celebrate work wins? Please contact us to share your insight.