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Top 5 Things Great Leaders Are Intuitive About

Top 5 Things Great Leaders Are Intuitive About

Some of our readers may be familiar with John C. Maxwell who wrote the book, "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Follow Them and People Will Follow You". Within it, Maxwell discusses that great leaders use intuition to "see" intangibles such as morale, momentum and dynamics within an organization.

For our readers who are not familiar with the book, we wanted to share Maxwell's top 5 things that great leaders are intuitive about:

  • Leaders Are Readers of Their Situation - Leaders sense people's attitudes and are able to detect chemistry in a team. They are aware of a situation or dynamic before they are even told the facts.

  • Leaders Are Readers of Trends - Leaders can discern where an organization is headed with their intuition as their guide that tells them something is happening and that circumstances are changing.

  • Leaders Are Readers of Their Resources - Leaders are always thinking in terms of internal resources and how to maximize them to benefit their organizations.

  • Leaders Are Readers of People - Leaders can sense people, their desires, their fears and their motivations. In fact, reading people could be the most critical intuitive skill a leader can possess.

  • Leaders Are Readers of Themselves - Leaders know their own strengths and weaknesses and have high level of self-awareness.

Makes you want to read the book - doesn't it? Maxwell teaches leadership around the world after having spent more than 30 years in leadership positions and founding 4 companies.