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Tips For Enhancing Millennials' Productivity And Value

Millennials can offer immense value to organizations because of their creativity, innovation and self-determination. Companies must remember that these employees expect much from their careers and they want to excel quickly. That is why it is imperative that firms implement ways to help Millennials be more productive and valuable thus allowing them to progress more rapidly within their organizations. To increase their productivity and performance:

  • Assign Millennials special rotational assignments. This will keep them challenged and give them a sense that they are gaining a variety of experiences.

  • Discuss performance benchmarks and metrics. Like employees of Generation X, Millennials prefer to know what is specifically expected of them and what they have to do to succeed in their roles.

  • Utilize their creativity. Challenge Millennials to develop new ways to streamline processes and to save money as they are innovative and they enjoy solving issues.

  • Provide them with clear instructions, concrete goals and deadlines. Millennials work best with having shorter, smaller deadlines instead of one long-term deadline. There are two reasons for this - they enjoy accomplishing tasks in small steps and they tend to procrastinate with longer deadlines.

  • Give them a mentor. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), 98% of Millennials said they believe working with strong coaches and mentors is an important part of their development.

  • Allow them to work in teams. Regardless of whether or not you put them on a team, Millennials will seek one out because they do not like to make decisions on their own and they prefer to gather feedback first. Companies should take this as an opportunity to partner them with a talented Generation X  or Baby Boomer employee who can have a positive effect on them.

  • Teach them how to interact and communicate professionally. Many Millennials would rather text or email than meet face-to-face and it is beneficial to break this habit early on. They have a tendency to use shortened words and sentences (texting language). Therefore, many Millennials have difficulties writing using correct punctuation and grammar. Consider ways to improve their writing skills.