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Institutions Seek FM Professionals With Diverse Competencies

Institutions Seek FM Professionals With Diverse Competencies

In a previous post, Facilities Management: Top Talent Initiatives, Helbling discussed the recruitment and talent management strategies being initiated by facilities departments within healthcare and higher education institutions.

Currently, the number one initiative is recruiting individuals who offer diverse competencies such as:

  • Managerial skills.

  • Continuous improvement mentality.

  • Proactive approach to maintenance.

  • Knowledge of sustainability and green initiatives.

  • Ability to hire, train, motivate and empower staff.

  • Understanding of current trends and best practices.

  • Comprehension of computer maintenance management systems.

  • Excellent communication skills, verbal and written, and in delivering presentations.

  • Demonstrated successful management of budgets and ability to work within an organization's financial constraints.

  • Strong business acumen with the ability to calculate ROI for maintenance, energy and capital projects expenditures.

  • Ability to identify and implement utility cost saving measures with an eye towards increased efficiency, sustainability and environmental focus.

What's the take-away for FM professionals?

If you're a hiring manager within an institution, closely analyze these skill sets in prospective candidates as they can add immediate strength to your department and provide value going forward. If you're a candidate, be sure to outline these skills along with concrete examples of utilizing them within your resume. When you are awarded an interview, be prepared to elaborate upon these talents and how you can apply them to address your prospective employer's specific needs and objectives.