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Differentiate Yourself In An Interview By Asking Questions

Differentiate Yourself In An Interview By Asking Questions

As an Architecture / Engineering / Construction (A/E/C) or Facilities Management professional, you realize that talent management is a major issue facing organizations in these and related sectors. You also understand that, although there is an aging workforce and a shortage of talent at the executive and operational-levels, organizations are highly selective of the people they hire, creating strong competition among professionals for ideal career roles.

If you are considering new employment opportunities, it is essential that you prepare effectively for interviews and present yourself as a solution provider instead of just an applicant. Included in your preparation should be questions you can ask that will differentiate you from other candidates. Many professionals do not realize that, by asking intelligent and insightful questions during interviews, they can further illustrate their competencies and skills. Questions that we recommend our candidates ask at the appropriate time include:

  • What are the short- and long-term goals of the organization?

  • In which of those objectives is the role involved?

  • What impact can the role have upon the organization as a whole?

  • What are the role's primary challenges, tasks and expectations?

  • Who does the role interact with and what are their work styles and personalities?

  • What is the corporate culture of the organization, and the work environment and management structure of the role's department?

  • What is the average tenure within the role's department?

  • Are there career advancement opportunities associated with the role?

  • Is there a bonus or incentive structure?