Chief Operating Officer and President for a construction management company

A family-owned construction management company retained Helbling to initiate an executive search to elevate its leadership team, resulting in two prominent hires.
A family-owned construction management company, one of Helbling’s original clients, retained our firm to initiate an executive search to elevate its leadership team. The company needed a Chief Operating Officer to support the Chief Executive Officer (and owner) who was serving in both C-suite positions. The owner wished to onboard a leader to manage the day-to-day operations of multiple locations in the Northeastern United States, which would free him to focus on strategic initiatives internally and externally.

In addition to elevating the leadership team, the organization wanted to position itself for future growth and was looking at ways to expand its service offerings. Because their headquarters is not in a major metro area, there was limited local talent qualified for this type of challenge.

Helbling was selected for the assignment because of the history between the organizations, as well as our firm’s familiarity with obstacles that family enterprises face, our successful track record of performing similar searches, and our notable connections within the construction industry.
After meeting with company leaders, Helbling representatives analyzed the size and structure of the client’s organization and developed a search strategy specifically tailored to our client's needs and expectations. The majority of outreach to candidates would focus within the architecture, engineering, and construction space on a national level. Secondary outreach would target potential candidates at owner institutions and related entities within a regional radius.

Regarding experience level, the team focused on those with titles of Vice President and above. In addition to having strategic vision and proven leadership capabilities, highly qualified candidates were required to have a strong understanding of construction project phases from business development to pre-construction through completion.

Without a search committee or hiring team in place, candidates recommended by Helbling were able to meet directly with company ownership. When two leading candidates were recognized for their skills, abilities, and enthusiastic interest in shaping the leadership team, the uniquely nimble search process allowed for the possibility of securing an additional leader: a company President.
The top two candidates had similar backgrounds in construction, and they connected quickly and easily with the existing leadership team. Most fortuitously, their skill sets were complementary. One had abilities clearly indicative of a COO and the other of a President. In addition to the balance of experience and capabilities, the candidates formed an instant connection when they met.

Due to the openness of the client and the trust they placed in Helbling, the organization was able to secure two individuals within a few months. Since joining our client's company, the COO and President have developed new processes and procedures to streamline company operations, enhanced business development efforts, and provided insight into potential growth areas of healthcare, education, industrial, and power and gas.

The CEO has been able to focus on external-facing initiatives on behalf of the company, and he has formed and strengthened relationships with community representatives.

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