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Advancing Role of a Healthcare Facilities Leader

Leaders in healthcare facilities management (FM) have seen quite a change in their roles over past couple of decades with many of them becoming members of their institutions' management teams. With this elevation in responsibilities have come vast opportunities to play key roles in their institutions' overall strategies, capital programs and other major decisions.

To take advantage of those opportunities, FM leaders have had to adapt themselves to their new roles. No longer do they just have to communicate with their FM staff but they have to understand how to effectively convey their ideas and thoughts to the C-level suite. When they are proposing multi-million dollar capital programs or new initiatives to Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, members of their boards and other high-level decision makers, they need to know how to present their recommendations and to show how they directly correlate to the institution's long-term goals.

How can healthcare facilities leaders excel within their organizations? 

Develop innovative mindsets

Assume challenging assignments and apply out of the box thinking to projects. Determine new ways their department can positively impact their organization as a whole and help it to achieve its goals. 

Build Credibility

By performing well and developing a reputation for being conscientious, responsible and creative, they can gain the attention and respect of the C-level suite.

Stay Abreast of Technological Trends

It's no secret that the technology that has emerged over the past few years and that is still being developed is changing the industry dramatically. A good facilities manager keeps themselves updated on technological advancements of everything from landscaping materials to energy management.

Pursue Additional Certifications

Show their motivation and desire to broaden their skills and advance their careers, demonstrating that they truly want to play a larger role within their organizations.

Hone Business Savvy

Communicate in a way that resonates with key decision makers and board members. Learn how to convey their ideas and recommendations regarding energy management (a top line item for healthcare institutions), systems reliability, life-cycle operating costs and deferred maintenance and demonstrate how they will support the organization's overall objectives.

With the increasingly important role of FM in a healthcare setting, professionals who are interested in furthering their career and developing a mindset that supports the larger goals of their institution have unlimited opportunities to do just that.