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Executive Search Case Study: Regional Manager for energy services firm

Executive Search Case Study: Regional Manager for energy services firm

Partnering with our repeat client, a national energy management and consulting firm, Helbling & Associates secured a Regional Sales Manager who is assisting to expand the Philadelphia regional market, specifically within the institutional sector.  

Our Client's Objectives:

Our client wanted to develop a market presence in the Philadelphia metropolitan area because they perceived it as being a geographical market with strong growth potential, especially within the institutional sector. After careful consideration, they realized that they did not have the in-house capabilities to appropriately capitalize on the opportunity and subsequently retained us to secure a Regional Sales Manager.

For the search, we worked closely with our client’s President and Executive Vice President & General Manager who agreed upon the type of professional they were seeking, but who were each based out of different geographical locations in the Northeast. They knew they needed an individual who had a strong network of contacts and relationships, as well as a solid understanding of the geographical market and how to strategically develop it. Along with these requirements, the ideal candidate had to have a developed skill set that included sales abilities with a comprehensive knowledge of energy management, building controls, and energy conservation. 

Helbling's Search Strategy:

The primary challenge of the search was working with a very limited talent pool due to the above requirements and the highly technical nature of our client's services. Our client’s business is still relatively new (third party energy management and conservation consulting), and there are few well-established competitors from which to draw candidates.

To begin the sourcing of candidates, we targeted energy services and utilities companies as well as mechanical and electrical contractors that offer energy and maintenance services. We also focused on individuals in energy management positions within regional institutions (primarily hospitals and universities) and on energy managers, sales, and business development professionals within the large energy services and building automation contractors. To support our efforts in enhancing the candidate pool and leverage the tight-knit market, our consultant utilized every call for direct recruitment, as well as for referrals.

Search Results:

Our consultant presented several qualified candidates with diverse energy management backgrounds and was successful in attracting and securing an individual who possessed all of the ideal qualifications that our client sought and, equally important, who was a strong cultural fit. The professional has had an impressive career that began in sales and program management, and progressed into senior executive level positions with key players in the energy services and building automation industry. He has been involved in many of our client’s desired market sectors including commercial, industrial, government, and institutional (healthcare and higher education), and his experience also includes 15 years of profit and loss responsibility. Another advantage is that he thoroughly understands procurement and the ESCO markets as well as how to successfully develop and deliver new products and services. He is adept at building and leveraging strategic relationships with industry partners, associations and public agencies, and has a proven track record of establishing and managing new regional operations and assembling effective teams.

In speaking with one of the individual’s colleagues, he expressed that there are few people in the ESCO world who have looked at energy service deals and who also know how business models work for project delivery. It is difficult to find professionals at a high level who can roll up their sleeves and build something, and he said the individual has all of those qualities.

During a recent follow-up call, the President expressed that, although he did not anticipate results within the first six months of the individual’s placement, the secured professional has been successful in closing multiple deals of which one is a substantial metering project with a university. The President said the individual is very well liked, and discussed that one of the company’s overall strategies is to develop and grow other business models within their family of services (Energy Services, Energy Efficiency and Operations & Maintenance Services). He is highly confident of the individual’s ability to play a key role in those initiatives and, because of his strong cultural fit, believes he will continue to perform extremely well within their corporation.