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What Does It Take to be a Successful Recruiter?

by Katie E. Rodgers
What it is like to be an executive recruiter? The recruiter role requires a very curious, determined, competitive, and unique personality. Not everyone realizes what makes our recruiters successful; it takes a lot more than sifting through a database of candidate resumes. Read more

Emotional Intelligence + How To Assess It In Prospective Hires

Emotional Intelligence
by Sami Barry
Through many research studies, EQ has been proven to correlate to an individual's attitude, management style, interpersonal skills, and his/her ability to adapt to changing business and work environments. Read more

Emotional Intelligence - Why Your Next Leader Should Have It

Emotional Intelligence
by Sami Barry
Emotional Intelligence impacts a person's ability to be an effective leader. Post-recession, it is now, more than ever, a desirable and necessary trait. Read more