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Branding and Recruiting Go Hand-in-Hand: Especially for Public Agencies

Government branding has made its way into state and local agencies. Public entities have long known the benefits of hiring candidates from the private sector, and in today’s climate, more thought and strategy is necessary to attract those individuals to public organizations than ever before. Read more

FMI Sheds Light on Talent Trends in Construction Industry

Talent trends in construction
by Sami Barry
FMI's latest construction talent development study reveals industry-wide talent challenges, and outlines the programs and processes that progressive firms are implementing to stay ahead of their competition. Read more

FMI: 6 Ways to Build a Culture of Engagement

Offering better services, technologies, strategies, products, and cost structures can make one organization better than the next one, but all of these factors are replicable. What makes companies better than their competitors is a workforce of engaged employees. Read more

Considering a New Job Part II: Evaluating An Opportunity

New Job
by Sami Barry
By truly understanding what you want in a new job, you can more accurately assess potential opportunities and how well they fit in with your career goals. Read more

Three "M"s of Making Cultural Changes Successful

corporate culture
by Sami Barry
Measuring, Managing, and Monitoring are three critical elements to make any cultural change initiative successful. Read more

Learn About A Prospective Employer's Culture Before Accepting An Offer

team of professionals
by Sami Barry
Learning about an organization's culture before accepting a job offer is critical to your career. Read more