Executive Vice President of Buildings & Facilities
for an architectural and structural engineering firm

Helbling's client is a growing national architectural and engineering firm with multiple U.S. offices. The Executive VP role is within one of its largest divisions, and the individual is charged with initiating organizational change, leading transition, and performing strategic planning. Working closely with the President, we were able to secure a high-caliber professional who is familiar with effective leadership, strategic planning, and change management, as well as advanced technologies and the integration of such. This senior executive's diverse expertise has positively impacted our client organization’s leadership team by creating a new vision and business model, which has enhanced its ability to acquire, deliver, and succeed on diverse projects.

Our client, a growing engineering and construction firm, retained us to perform a confidential search for an Executive Vice President of one its largest divisions, which has approximately 500 employees. With the projected significant growth potential within this division and the importance of this role within the corporation, our client required a senior executive who knew how to successfully initiate organizational change, lead transition, and perform strategic planning. It sought a proven professional who had a diverse background and extensive experience with global practice leadership working within a multi-national firm that provided similar professional services.

The ideal candidate would be a highly educated, well-respected seller-doer who could also assist in acquiring work, who had a strong network of contacts and industry knowledge, and who was highly proficient at building relationships and project delivery. A Professional Engineer or Registered Architect license was preferred.

Due to the limited pool of candidates at the desired executive level with the necessary expertise, we leveraged our knowledge and industry contacts to seek recommendations and referrals while also conducting additional research specific to this search. We focused initially on our client’s core metropolitan area but quickly began a national search to perform the assignment comprehensively and effectively. We concentrated on selective areas where our client already had an office or where it was considering establishing an office. Among the firms we targeted were: architecture/engineering firms, program managers, developers, owners, and public agencies.

Working closely with the president of our client organization, Helbling was able to attract and secure a senior industry executive with international experience who has been with other larger global design firms. This individual is familiar with effective leadership, strategic planning, and change management, and also possesses a strong knowledge and extensive experience with sustainable design, building information modeling, and integrated project delivery. A Registered Architect in several states, he has vast experience in selling and delivering significant, high-profile projects for commercial, institutional, government, technology and private clients.

The successful candidate has been noted as a change agent throughout his career, implementing new strategies, methodologies and performance metrics across diverse business units. He has a thorough knowledge of how to integrate technology, process, and design and is leveraging these skills in his new role.

One of his biggest achievements thus far has been creating a new vision and business model for the firm at the leadership level. The organization now practices increased transparency and clarity in terms of specific responsibilities, attitudes toward project delivery, and overall customer management. The individual has also assisted in determining projects that are most viable and strategic to pursue. His direct experience with innovative forms of project delivery is impacting our client’s success in the marketplace. Due to his reputation in the industry, he has been asked for by name on projects.

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The placed candidate has played an instrumental role in our client creating a new vision and business model for the leadership of the firm, which focus on transparency and clarity of specific responsibilities, attitudes toward project delivery, and customer management.
Tom Helbling, President

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