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Top Schools for Graduates in Architecture

How in demand are new graduates in Architecture? 

So in demand that, according to DesignIntelligence (DI), they have a 0% unemployment rate, making competition strong for new graduates in the field - especially those who were educated at top-ranked institutions. DI recently released its 16th annual 'America's Best Architecture & Design Schools' and, while there are many publications that rank undergraduate and graduate architecture schools, DI's survey is highly regarded because of the method it employs to gather information. It only takes into consideration the responses of professionals who are currently responsible for the recruitment of new graduates of Architecture programs.

DI's top institutions for Architecture in 2015 are:


  1. Cornell University

  2. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

  3. Virginia Tech

  4. Syracuse University

  5. Rice University

  6. Rhode Island School of Design

  7. University of Texas at Austin

  8. Auburn University

  9. Carnegie Mellon University

  10. University of Southern California


  1. Harvard University

  2. Cornell University

  3. Yale University

  4. Columbia University

  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  6. University of California, Berkeley

  7. University of Michigan

  8. Rice University

  9. Virginia Tech

  10. Washington University, St. Louis

James Cramer is the editor in Chief of DI as well as the Chairman of the Design Futures Council. In a recent interview with Architectural Record, he discussed how the field of Architecture is transforming itself in response to advanced technologies, alternative business models and construction techniques as well as public/private partnerships. For all of these reasons, Architecture is an attractive field for Millennials who are known for their tech-savvy and innovative mindsets. Working within Architecture, these individuals can do what they love - explore and leverage new technologies, which in turn supports their employers in diversifying services and expanding offerings.

How do firms compete for new graduates?

To attract new Architecture graduates, compensation is, of course, a factor. For detailed information, the American Institute of Architects (AID) has a comprehensive Compensation Survey Salary Calculator, which was just updated this year. Keep in mind that there are many other intangibles that Millennials look for in employers, such as cultural fit, opportunities for advancement, and career training and development. As proactive Architecture firms look to strengthen their internal talent and build expertise at all levels of management, it is important to understand how to recruit and attract Millennials because what makes them "tick" is much different than other generations in the workforce.