Top Insight of 2017

by Sami Barry

Helbling's network is made up of diverse professionals all within the industries of construction, engineering, real estate development, and facilities management. We strive to provide content that covers the activity and trends in these sectors, as well as issues related to talent management and career development. Rising above other insight we provided in 2017 are the following articles that can also support your success in 2018. 

As Facilities Roles Have Changed, So Has Recruitment

Decades ago, facilities management (FM) simply entailed making sure equipment was operating well, buildings were maintained, and campuses were attractive. Fast forward to 2017, and FM still includes those aspects but has also evolved into an innovative and complex environment of technological and operational advancements. Read more

Industry Pressures Prompting Changes in A/E/C Recruitment & Talent Management

Architecture, engineering, and construction firms are all hiring talent in response to current activity and anticipated growth in both the public and private markets. Considering the industry’s limited pool of talent, mass retirements of baby boomers, pressure from owners, and difficulties in attracting millennials, it’s not surprising that these companies are stepping up their recruitment and talent management practices. Read more

2017 Hospital Construction Survey Reveals Shifts in Strategies

2017 survey shows overwhelming evidence that healthcare organizations are to be commended on their adaptability and flexibility as the U.S. healthcare system has undergone significant changes over the last several years. Read more

Raising the Bar in Facilities Management

IFMA's and RICS's 3rd "Raising the Bar in Facilities Management" report confirms the challenges and opportunities facing facilities leaders. Read more

New York City's Construction & Development: Stats & Top Players

The Real Deal (TRD) captured attention when it released its inaugural ranking of New York City’s top general contractors. TRD’s list is intriguing for many reasons. For one, TRD is notable for its comprehensive information regarding construction and real estate activities. Two, the city is exploding with construction and real estate development activity. And three, there are many firms playing big roles in the action. Read more

Attracting & Retaining Women in the Workforce

Women are limited in the A/E/C, facilities management, and real estate development sectors. Here's why it's important to attract and retain them, and suggestions for doing both successfully. Read more

Executives Command a Different Candidate Experience

“Candidate experience” is a hot topic in talent acquisition. In recent years, this aspect of recruitment has come to the forefront mainly due to the widespread competition for good talent and the impersonalization of hiring, in general, with advancements made in technology. In its entirety, the candidate experience spans from initial communication through the onboarding process. While it’s important to provide a positive candidate experience for all levels within your organization, it is imperative when attracting executives for high-level roles. Read more

Highlighting Soft Skills to Get the Job You Want

Soft skills can be just as critical as technical competencies. Conveying them in your resume, cover letter, and responses to interview questions will surely capture the attention of potential employers. Let's look at our top 12 soft skills and how to illustrate them during a recruitment process. Read more


Best wishes for continued success in 2018!