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Executive Search Case Study: Healthcare Facilities Planning/Capital Development

Executive Search Case Study: Healthcare Facilities Planning/Capital Development

Partnering with a nationally recognized, top-ranked healthcare system located in the Mid-Atlantic, Helbling & Associates attracted and secured an Administrator, Facilities Planning & Capital Development who has established himself as a leader by earning the trust and respect of his team, implementing their ideas and developing innovative solutions that have saved the institution millions of dollars.

Our Client's Objectives:

Our client needed to secure an individual who would be responsible for operations, fiscal, and strategic planning of the department, including construction, property management and building operations. The position is part of the hospital's executive leadership and requires a vision for the future of healthcare and expertise in continuous quality improvement, customer service, resource and financial management, efficient and effective system processes, and professional development.

The professional who was previously in this position had been promoted and was highly respected throughout the organization. Therefore, one of the challenges of this search was to secure an individual who would assume ownership of the role so that he/she would be recognized and trusted as the primary facilities leader.

Helbling's Search Strategy:

Our client was seeking a professional with a minimum of ten years of executive financial or operational experience in a large healthcare organization, preferably within an academic medical center. Therefore, we concentrated our recruiting efforts on candidates from similarly sized hospitals and medical centers within the region. We supplemented that with individuals employed with selected universities, architectural firms, and program management organizations who were likely to have the technical capabilities and experience required. Our search consultants carefully assessed candidates’ qualifications, as well as their motivations and management styles.

Search Results:

Our client selected a candidate whose background includes capital planning, space utilization, and facilities roles of increasing levels of responsibility with a prestigious university that is affiliated with several renowned hospitals and with a large medical center. Upon joining the healthcare system, the individual quickly established himself, earned the trust and respect of others, and achieved his goal of becoming the “face of facilities”. Our client contact credits much of the new Administrator’s success to his personality because people like to work with him, he has easily transitioned into the organizational culture, and his knowledge and ability to incorporate the ideas of others into the facilities processes have earned him a high level of respect.

The professional has become involved in two major capital initiatives, including finishing the design of a children’s hospital, on which he closely aligned with one of the institution’s primary donors. His ability to listen to the donor and to demonstrate respect for her input made her very comfortable in knowing that he was serving as an advocate for her thoughts. Additionally, he led the value engineering process and identified several cost-effective solutions. On another project, he developed innovative solutions that addressed design issues to achieve the desired look while also saving the hospital millions of dollars.

Applying his interest and skills in design and architecture, the new Administrator has made a significant contribution to the development of what has become a very successful art program using university and community resources to help to create a true “healing” environment for patients. Additionally, he has taken a leadership role in the Joint Commission process to ensure the institution is properly staffed and positioned, and he serves on a number of sustainability and other committees that support the academic and medical functions of the institution. Most importantly, he has presented himself as a leader, all of which is beneficial to the continued success of the facilities department.