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Helbling Consultants Will Discuss Compensation and Negotiations at PWC event

Whether it’s asking for a raise, creating a more flexible work schedule, or establishing a starting salary at a new position, we don’t get much practice at negotiating for ourselves. The opportunity only comes up a handful of times in even the most robust careers. Add to that the mystery surrounding salary ranges, and even the prospect of a negotiation can be overwhelming. 

To address and illuminate this professional unknown, New York City’s Professional Women in Construction (PWC) group is hosting “Deal or No Deal: Negotiating for a Better Future” on September 10th. The event will feature Helbing & Associates' Wendy Zang, Managing Consultant, and Lee Grandovic, Regional Manager - New York City, and address matters related to compensation within the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, including an understanding of AEC salary trends, practicing negotiation techniques, and building confidence in the process of sealing the “deal.”

Based on their experiences recruiting in the AEC industry and leading both candidates and hiring managers through salary negotiations, Wendy and Lee will engage attendees in a broad discussion of market conditions, the many pieces of compensation, and the greater context when making any salary or schedule request. 

Following the discussion, the PWC will engage select volunteers as employees or job candidates in highly interactive role-play scenarios designed to sponsor professional success.

Helbling & Associates is proud to be a sponsor of the event, and additional information on the evening can be found at: