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4 Steps to a More Productive Job Posting Strategy

4 Steps to a More Productive Job Posting Strategy

This blog comes just in time for the jobs you need to post next week. If you’re like most recruiters, you post jobs on Mondays or Tuesdays, and receive the most applicants on Tuesdays. So, let’s get straight to it.  

As a recruiter, you know how much time and collaboration it takes to develop or simply refine a position description not to mention the effort it takes to recruit and secure the right person. Your goal is to make the entire hiring process as productive and efficient as possible, and an effective job posting strategy can help you to achieve that.

Here are four simple steps that can make a big impact right away -  

1. Make the posting work for you. 

Keep it short and sweet, and as concise as possible. Just as candidates only have a few seconds to capture your attention with their resumes, the same goes for you.  

Be cautious of creative job titles. While catchy titles may pique the curiosity of candidates in general, they may not actually help you to reach the prospective talent pool, and potentially strong candidates may pass it right up.

Make the job findable by using the right keywords. Leave out overused phrases and skill sets, and instead include keywords related to the specific skills and experience necessary so that qualified candidates can find the posting. 

Categorize qualifications as “minimum” and “preferred”. By doing so, you’ll expand the talent pool and generate a diverse slate of candidates, and what recruiter doesn’t want that?   

Highlight the primary objectives of the position. Providing an idea of the results you want to generate will help you to attract those hard to find, goal-oriented professionals who are focused on performance and growth.     

Illustrate your company culture. In today’s business world, your organizational culture trumps most every other aspect of a job. Of course, the first step is providing a supportive, transparent, growth-oriented environment with strong lines of communication. The next step is to illustrate that in your job postings.  Don’t simply add sentences about your culture - let it shine through in the way the opportunity is described.          

2. Post on industry-specific job boards.

The amount of job boards out there today is overwhelming, and most are general, all-inclusive boards. Why spend the money on them when you’ll likely see better results posting to sites that are specific to your industry? Consider popular publications and associations in your sector, and their respective job boards.  [After creating a posting, double check it on the site, and go through the process as if you were a job candidate to ensure it’s a smooth process.]  

3. Make sure your career site is functioning properly. 

Tying in with #2, don’t just take your web design firm’s word that your career site functions properly, test it yourself and apply for a position. Does it provide a positive candidate experience? [Remember things can go wrong with a website for no apparent reason sometimes so check the functionality of your career site every month or so.]

4. Take advantage of social media recruitment. 

Now, let’s make all of these steps to improving your posting strategy worthwhile. Share your job opportunities on all social media platforms – and more importantly - encourage your employees to do the same! Can you imagine how much your efforts will be multiplied?!   


So, there you have them – 4 easy steps to improve your job posting strategy. Try them for your next week’s postings, and see what happens! 


If you have other job posting tips you’d like to share with industry colleagues, email us at, and we will be sure to share them in an updated blog!