Chief Financial Officer

Industry: Architecture, Engineering & Construction
Location: Texas - Austin
Sector: Corporation
Search ID: 20-1001-20
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Wesley R. Miller
Wesley R. Miller
STG Design has retained Helbing to conduct an executive search to secure a Chief Financial Officer.

Position Summary 

STG Design is looking for an experienced finance professional with architectural, engineering, and construction (A/E/C) and Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) experience to help us redefine the CFO role. We want someone who understands the importance of culture, brand, and strategy and will work actively with the C-suite to justify investments in those areas. We want to double STG’s revenues over the next two to three years and want a CFO who will help drive that growth. The ideal candidate will balance fiscal prudence with a broader perspective on the benefits of investing in our people and processes.

What is in a day? 
One of our favorite things about this profession is the variety. While the CFO’s role may involve more consistent responsibilities, you will be supporting a dynamic team whose routines vary wildly as they serve our clients.


Broadly, the CFO will be responsible for: 
  • Providing leadership, direction, and management of the finance, accounting, and human resources (HR) teams. 
  • Providing strategic recommendations to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / President and members of the executive management team.
  • Managing the processes for financial budgets and forecasts and overseeing the preparation of all financial reporting. 
  • Advising on long-term business and financial planning. 
  • Administering the ESOP.
  • Maintaining banking relationships including meeting compliance requirements. 
  • Establishing and developing relations with senior management and external partners and stakeholders.
These responsibilities also include: 
  • Prioritize strategic initiatives, organize, and track implementation. 
  • Analyze new markets, services, and products and make recommendations. 
  • Assess viable entities for acquisition to support growth goals. 
  • Maintain compliance with the conditions of the ESOP loans. 
  • Analyze monthly financial statements and review key metrics. 
  • Analyze occupancy costs and leases and negotiate new leases, as necessary. 
  • Track and assess annual financial barometers and key statistics. 
  • Analyze use of MIPS, warrants, and other phantom stock as a recruitment and retention device and make recommendations. 
  • Review all STG policies and procedures (mostly when questioned or new issues develop) and recommend changes. 
  • Research and recommend legal positions and policies. 
  • Participate in management meetings to help provide oversight to Studio Directors for studio and project performance. 
  • Provide insight into firm performance at management meetings and monthly “All Hands’ Meetings.” 
  • Budget / forecast preparation. 
  • Financial statement preparation. 
  • Coordination of company valuation and audits. 
  • Meet with accountant to oversee tax planning. 
  • Oversee Accounting functions. 
    • General Ledger 
    • Accounts Payable 
    • Accounts Receivable
      • Work with Director of Operations; Project Managers are responsible for collection.
    • Cash management: negotiate loans, determine leverage, determine distributions, finance of capital improvement.
  • Oversee ESOP administration and compliance requirements.
    • Produce quarterly compliance certificates.
    • Ensure seller payments are made on schedule.
    • Share allocation process (with recordkeeper).
    • Repurchase obligation.
    • Synthetic Equity.
  • Oversee HR / Benefit Administration.
    • Resolve employee "issues.”
    • Provide recommendations for setting of bonuses and raises.
    • Oversee administration of payroll, benefits, PTO, etc.
    • Administer quarterly bonus plan.
    • Oversee 401(k) Plan (meetings with plan administrator/fiduciary, revisions to plan, eligibility, etc.).
    • Health Insurance Plans: negotiate annually, review options, determine cost split with employees, work with insurance broker to decide on plan options and coverage.
    • Maintain employee files, hard copy as well as electronic files.
  • Participate in setting cost and bill rates for following year. 
The CFO’s performance will be judged on the following: 
  • Achievement of strategic goals.
    • Growth
    • Resource Allocation
    • Net Income
    • Financial Planning & Reporting 
  • Departmental support of staff.
  • Teaching / coaching staff on project- and firm-financial literacy. 

About STG Design

Built on hard work and pure passion. 
STG Design (STG) has a 40+ year history of delivering award-winning commercial architecture and interior design. We are building on that for the future too. We recently became employee-owned (ESOP) and, man, are we energized. At STG, we are:
  • Focused on discovering the right design solution for each client based on research and innovation. 
  • Passionate about improving our community. 
  • Committed to helping our employees become better professionals and better people. 
  • Driven to create an unparalleled client experience. 
We like to say that we combine the best of a small office environment with the perks and benefits of a big office support system. This means unparalleled access to management, an enthusiastic, helpful administrative team, and close-knit studios who appreciate a healthy sense of humor. If you are looking for a career, for a firm to help you grow, and for an office to call home, then STG Design is the place for you! 
Why fit in when you were born to stand out? 
We want people as remarkable as we are. We are looking for a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) who is passionate about leading change and leveraging our financial strengths to help us achieve our potential. We want people who attack each new challenge with the knowledge that last week’s answer does not fit this week’s question. People who are always seeking to learn more and then apply what they have learned to make those around them better.


STG’s Austin Office is in the heart of the downtown we helped shape, next to some of the city’s best shopping, entertainment, and dining spots (including the Whole Foods flagship store)! 

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Candidate Expectatons

After 40 years, we know ourselves pretty well; we know what we expect and what lets people thrive at STG. We value people who are:
  • Interesting – We expect our CFO to be fiscally responsible and data driven, but our best people are so much more than what they do. We have philosophers and psychologists, basketball players and biologists. Heck, we have even got a political scientist on our staff. This breadth of experience allows us to provide unique insight into our clients’ problems and contribute to their solutions in unexpected ways. We expect our CFO to do the same.
  • Great Communicators – Whether it is your team, the CEO, or an outside vendor, if you cannot spread your message, you cannot deliver results.
  • Self-Starters – We want people who do not wait for direction; they find the next task and get started.
  • Ready Learners – STG’s employees are excited to add another tool to their repertoire. We expect our leaders to be the same.
  • Adaptable – No two projects are ever the same. The approach that worked last time will not always be the right approach next time. We look for people who find the right context and right solution for the task at hand. People who seek help when they need it – whether the answer lies with our staff or an outside partner – and leverage what they learn to deliver their best work.
  • Tech Savvy – Our industry is more and more driven by the technologies we use. We expect everyone at STG to be looking to the future and finding the tools that allow us to be more efficient or effective. 
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