10 Questions To Ask an Executive Recruiter

by Sami Barry

What are the most important questions you should ask when speaking with an executive recruiter for the first time?  

  • Does your firm specialize in a particular industry or job function?  
  • How long has your firm been in business?
  • How long have you been an executive recruiter and how long have you been with your current firm?
  • Does your firm operate on a contingency or retained basis?
  • Is this particular search contingency or retained?
  • What type of company is your client?
  • How long has your firm worked with this client?
  • Why is the role open and how long has it been open?
  • Are you able to forward me information about the position prior to me submitting my resume?
  • How will I know that my current employer won't find out that I am exploring this opportunity?

By addressing these questions sooner rather than later, you will ensure that your time isn't wasted on pursuing an opportunity.  You will also feel more at ease about discussing your experience, accomplishments, and career motivations.